Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am i moving too fast or am i being left behind?

... when you look around and you see no familiar faces, you can't help but wonder, am I moving too fast? or maybe I am the one being left behind..

Im in my mid twenties.. and how the years fly by in an instant. I used to worry about time trials, race times, assignment due dates, cgpa, weight (ok i still worry about weight) etc.. how that seems like it was just yesterday but at the same time feels so long ago.

I am motivated to push through boundaries when I have specific goal in mind... when I was studying, goal was to graduate first class- get a decent job.. and then what? I never really thought it through, my goals were only set up to getting a decent paying job.

...and i suppose getting married etc is not something you can actually plan..

I don't like being conformed to society where people's thoughts and view of you affect your every move and decision.. and you are being put to the task of achieving what is expected of you. So to speak..

But sometimes, you reach a point of no return, and start to wonder, am I there yet? or am I way past? is there really a destination? Or is it the journey we should be concentrating on instead?

Perhaps the only way of finding out is to take one milestone at a time and reading sign boards along the way?

Im not a big risk taker, but im going to take that leap

... yes, the leap of faith.

24 years of my life was spent with very calculated moves. the what ifs.. the alternatives, possibilities and all risks and measures accounted for. In fact, where I am today, is due to very little risk taking.. and lots of pshyco analysing..

Anyway, point being that the matter at hand can only be dealt with a leap of faith.. there's no other way around it. So im putting my best foot forward, see you on the other side!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Same sh*t different day :)

When I was 10, I'd always picture myself working as a high profile career woman when I grow up, dressed up in powersuits pitching ideas in conference rooms.


A full time athlete, turning professional after high school and run for a living.


maybe a soldier, serving the country, sleeping in barracks, training everyday, kinda like GI Jones.

Or maybe even a secret agent.

BUT, 10 years down the line....I was not majoring in business, not anywhere near of being a national elite athlete who could sustain her own living through passion of sports, nor was I enrolled in the national service, tentera diraja and definetely not in any secret agency. I was studying in an Engineering School....
So now, right after graduation, Im working as a field engineer in the oil and gas industry. People often wonder how's it like in this business. How is it like working offshore? well, after 9 months working in oil and gas, I would say.. its the same sh*t, just different day. :)

So do I regret being in the oilfield? Someone just asked me this question yesterday. well no.. not really. I do enjoy my job, I like it... although most of the time, it's the same sh*t, different day, there are times where it is different sh*t, SAME day!! so yeah, it does appeal to me as a career. plus the perks are goooood.... good income for a fresh grad out of college.
Sometimes, being offshore, forget that I am faar faaar away from home, Im also faaaar faaaaar away from land, on a rig in the middle of nowhere, 12 hours shift everyday, no weekend.. after 60 days straight, u get a little cuckoo.. u miss ur family, friends and loved ones..
But i say, another day, another way. I just miss my racing days.... complaining about my running time not improving etc2, nowadays, the only thing im complaining about is my weight. :)
bottom line.. its the same sh*t different day....can't wait to get home...n do absolutely NOTHING.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Weddings: the holy matrimony between 2 individuals, a simple tie to signify the bond of friendship, love and companionship. Wedding bells are ringing everywhere, lots of my friends got married, and so many more friends will be tying the knot soon. My brother got hitched last xmas and he will be a daddy soon in OCT!!

Azrin+ kak eija, Dedeq+Cae, Bryan+Adriana, Hood+Nik, Biz+Intan, Vivi+Sam, CK+jaja, Jihan+Nazir
Congratulations for those who got engaged, married or even those who are planning to tie the knot. Best wishes!!

... and all you single babes out there..quit on guys who are just playing around before they quit on you.

'He's just not that into you' by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo is a good read which i highly recommend. :)
Movies are also out in the cinema. :))

5 years in a flash

I graduated with First class honours in Civil Engineering specializing in Petroleum, but most importantly, I have had the best 5 years of my life. I was actively involved in sports and co-curriculum activities in the university. Ppl say university life is like no other.. and indeed it was extraordinary for me.

5-May 2003
First Day in UTP as Civil Engineering undergrad fresh out from high school.

1 year of foundation studies, I played tennis for UTP in intervarsity meets. I joined the taekwondo club and kembara club.


An adventure race enthusiast ,Zole was working in Tronoh as an Electrical Engineer, we became friends and he introduced me to adventure races. Fong a final year student in UTP at that time, Kak Reita was doing her Masters, other seniors: Farid, Limau, Faisal, Kuloq from kembara club..these were the ppl who played vital roles in introducing me to adventure races.

Perak International Ironbound

I started rowing, and finally recruited into the national junior team

I went for international meets up to south east asian level. There were much more to learn but there's so limited time, I quit the team in 2008.

SEARF in thailand

Lots and lots and lots of Races, I did running races, duathlon, adv races and rowing

8 month industrial internship with Schlumberger in Labuan.

I was sidelined in the first half of the year because of my internship but I went for other alternatives such as Kayaking challenge and the epic Sabah Adv Challenge.

Final year.. the ultimatum
I did triathlon and almost wanted to attempt Ironman Langkawi.

-2003 to 2008-

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pictures from Sabah Adventure Challenge 2008

Race start, Day 1

Traversing above and across a waterfall in Kionsom
Running to bike leg, Tamparuli
tubing down a horrendous rapid... u can see it from my face how terrified i was

A bit delayed but here are the pictures from SAC

To summarize SAC:
  • It involves a lot of navigating.. in fact, non of the routes were marked, we were given grid maps and google maps (about 4-5 maps per day), your ability to use your compass will determine your success!! we really struggled last year with the navigation, this year was much better but one slight mistake was all it took to push us out of ranking... n no amount of improvement on day 2 and 3 were able to make up for it.
  • The disciplines include, mountainbiking crazy hills... (u know Sabah hills), on and offroad trailrunning, tubing down a rapid, traversing across a waterfall and the signature of SAC races, --> crossing hanging bridges~ (for the entire race, we crossed about 6-7 hanging bridges)
  • The race however, emphasizes a lot on bikes, so strong bikers have advantages. This is an endurance race, therefore, there is no use going too fast and risk getting lost (like we did).
  • Although this is a race, sometimes, it is best to form alliance (locals preferably) so that probability of getting lost is lessen--> risk mitigation. We only took that approach on the 2nd day.
  • The best part about this race is that, you get to appreciate the wonderful scenery along race route.. simply magnificent~
  • We started our race in Penampang, KK, and finished in Kundasang, near Mount Kinabalu..
  • Definitely will do SAC 2009 if schedule permits... a race worth doing if you're up for the challenge!

Monday, March 31, 2008

I've got to learn how to smile to the camera

A day before i went to Sabah Adv Challenge, 18th of March, was the UTP appreciation nite for co-curricular and sports activities for year 2007. I won the most outstanding award for individual sports achievement for:
ASEAN varsity rowing championships, Putrajaya- Champion
UNITEN varsity rowing championships, Putrajaya- 2nd place
South East Asian Rowing Federation Championships, Pattaya Thailand- 5th place
UM duathlon (varsity)- 2nd place
Perhentian Island Challenge (Elite Mix cat)- 5th place
I was given a tailor-made blazer, trophy and certificates, no cash prizes (bummer!!) and this was how I looked like... (pretty unhappy for an award recipient huhhh???? what was i thinking...) I think i have a naturally 'emotionless' face...

L-R: en mat noor rosli (Director of Student Affairs), yours truly, Datuk Seri Dr Zainal Abidin( Rector)

man, i really gotta work on that smile...